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Top Opening, Electronic Pin Code Safe Box

TF06 is top opening, gas piston installed safebox. It can be used inside the drawer , on floor or inside wardrope. Top opening provide better storage facility. Easy to drop and take out. 

F06 system  has soft strong keypad with automatic backlight.

Inner led lighting is default for this serie. F06 fron panel has Black and White colors. It is possible to produce the panel from different color of plastics.

105 last event logs, hand terminal, mechanical ovverride, multi-lingual software and many others make the F06 the best choice.

​Standard Features
  • Motor Driven
  • Last 105 Event Memory
  • Which Code Locks that code opens (Hotel Mode)
  • Automatic Backlighted Keypad
  • Automatic Inner Led
  • Floor Carpet
  • Installation holes and screws
  • Battery Operated (4xAA)
  • Hidden Hinges
  • First Quality Electrostatic Owen Plating
  • Top Opening , Piston Operated System
Top Opening Type, Safebox
Optional Features
  • Dongle protected Software
  • External Batterry(Power) Input
  • Electricty Connection Inside the Safebox for laptop or mobile charging.
  • Spring added door for automatic door openning
  • Powered by electricity. Battery backup incase of electricty breaks.
  • Different RAL colors.
  • Different Sizes and Thickness
  • Double Piston
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