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F2 Model  

RFID Electronic Locking Systems


Since 2004 we are producing RFID Electronic Locking Systems for you. Our systems use Philips NXP Mifare 13.56Mhz RFID chips and Texas Instruments MCU. We have EURO DIN and ANSI norm mortises. For your renovation door , the special renovation locks are also manufactured. 5 Years Warranty and Life-Time software upgrade warranty shows our support. We wish to be  a part of your project.

Alplocks offers you what you need. Since 2004 more than 100.000 rooms in more than 25 countries use our systems. 

OHSAS-18001_w-2 (1).jpg

Stylish and extra strong handle mechanism

F2 offers the state of the art  Radio Frequency (RFID) technology and stable mechanical design to ensure guest satisfaction.
Alplock F2 has wisely developed installation system to make the lock exactly fit to the door. After the first correct installation F2 will never move on the door. The technical service maintanance will follow this installation to prevent wrong installations.
F2 use original Philips  NXP Mifare 13.56Mhz RFID Chipset and Texas Instruments MCU.
Anti-Cloning technology, Europe and US std mortise options.
Hidden mechanical ovveride key option in case of emergency.
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