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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Saving Devices


Here you can find the answer of your potential questions about Energy Savers

 01  What is the difference between TS and SM Series?

Both TS and SM are working with RFID Cards. However TS series has only one Line (Phase) max 30 Ampere load. TS Series working under 210-230Volt AC. SM Serie is an advanced. SM can control 3 Lines (Tri-Phases) max 62 Ampare, 30A+16A+16A. SM has 2 I/O input from the windows/door to control Air Conditioner. It means when the door/window open the Air Con. will not work but lights on. SM Series work under 100-240V AC means it can work in all over the work and it will not affective from voltage wavings.



 02  Are they have Delay to make secure exit?

Yes. Both TS and SM has 15sec delay after you remove the card from the device. It will give you electricity while leaving the room.



 03  How will I see the device to insert the dark when the room dark?

TS series have BLUE and SM Series have RED inner ligthing . When the room dark it will help you to find the hole.



 04  What is the total power of SM62A3?

62 Ampere. It has 3 lines. 30 Ampere , 16 Ampere, 16 Ampere. 



 05  Is it possible to order custom size?

Yes. Any size is welcome. However due to the production time and costs the price and delivery time will be different.



 06  Are these devices secure?

​Yes, they are %100 secure if you installe them correctly.

 07  Do I need special electricty connection to add these?

No. They are working as any switch in your room. Easy to install.


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