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We are not also doing this business,


We are only doing this business.

AlpLock always offers what you need. We never add and advertising functions to the system which will increase the cost. Alplock has what you need at reasonable prices.

Since 2004, Makfa R&D is only focused what a hotel needs. The guest of motel, hostel , 5 star hotel or 7 star hotel will never accept to sleep at the corridor or reseption. When the guest show the card to the lock, it should be open correctly. It is the top priority duty of the locking systems. The looking of the bodies or many functions which you will never use (as mobile phones) are all second step of choice. However if your system is not stable enough the only way to sell move the focus of the customer to other things.

AlpLock systems are very easy to maintain. They are all produced asymetric, so when you need to replace you can not installe anything reverse. Connection sockets are also in different sizes and all asymetric. An expert is not needed. When you open a safebox or lock of Makfa system , it is very open to see how to change the parts. No adjustments, no tricks. Plug and play.

We do not prefer plastic parts is our systems. Steel is used in all of our systems if plastic is not a must.


           Please check the answers of the FAQ that people ask while they are chooing us. 

You may choose AlpLock Because It offers what you need at the price of what you shall pay. No more , No less.

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