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Electronic Hotel Locking Systems

AlpLock is highly innovative, flexible, stable and robust locking system. The handle, mortise and finish combinations makes the system fully yours. 5 Years of warranty shows our trust in our own products.


In-room Safeboxes. Hotel and Ofice Types


All are produced in any size and color. Perfect welding and painting quality. 3 years warranty. Totaly steel locking mechanism and mechanican override options. Inner Led, Backligt Keypay, Electric connection etc.....

Intelligent Energy Saving Devices


Energy Saving controls the electricty in the room. While the guest not inside, it cuts the power of the room. Alplock devices are only activated by RFID cards. Paper, fork, plastic ID card etc can not activate it.

It accepts 100-240V AC Input and gives totaly 62 Ampere power.....

KeyCard Management System


KCM is managing sofwtare of the RFID locks in the building. It also keeps logs of the user activites and limits the user authorizations. KCM is developed by C# and uses MS SQL database. It works networks based means hotel can use many different reseption at the same time.

Intelligent Room Numbers - Doorbell Systems


Rather than the classic room numbers this systems are intelligent. They shows the Status of the room, Do not Disturb, Clean Room or Minibar service and Bell with  number of the room, All of them are Led Backlighted. This technology makes the room checking faster for housekeeping...

Cabinet Locks


Cabinet locks are indispensable of the SPA and Sport centers. People need lockers to keep their dress and valuables for their time of activity. Cabinet locks are good to manage this lockers. Alplock offers Pin Code, Pre-setted RFID, Fee-Engage RFID or Software controllerd RFID Systems. It is possible to use the same card for the room and locker as well....

In-Room Ironing Boards


Business People move more and more everyday. The number of the City Hotels are also increasing. Many people need a Ironing Station in their room to make fast irononing for suits , skirts or shirt etc. This product is like a drawer inside the room but when oppened not smaller than a classic ironing board. It adds value to the rooms...

Door Handles & Locks


For all of the other enteranses of the buildings we have door handle and mortise ,lock, solutions. It is all possible to use the same handle in electronic locking system and inner bathroom door of the room or on connectting room door. Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Zinc or Brass options in different colors of coating...

Door Accessories by AlpAKS


AlpAKS offers some neccessary accessories for the projects as door Kick Plates, Armor Plates, Signes, Pull and Push Bars, Corner Protections, Room Number,  Door Eye, Guard Lock, Special Strikers, Lock Plates, Door Stoppers, Hinges, Spring Hinges, Door Closers... etc

Decorative Napkin Holders
by AlpAks


Decorative Napkin Holders add value to the rooms , restorants and bars. Hotel Logo, a smily face or a design complete the ambience.

A coffee logo on the table makes the people willing to order coffee. This kind of accessories on the tables always add to the feeling of happyness.

Decorative wall & door hangers by AlpAks


Door/Wall Hangers and hooks and  Wall Shelfs are specialy produced. Stylish and decorative items provide more space and good looking...

Decorative Bins by AlpAks

AlpAKS produces Electrostatic painted and SS304 Stainless Steel indoor and outdoor bins for the projects. It is possible to add logo on them. Custom sizes and colors are welcome.

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