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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronics Locking Systems


Here you can find the answer of your potential questions about Electronic Locking Systems. 

 01  Why Hotel Locking Systems are different than others?

Standard Access Control Systems are developed to control around 1-30 rooms. They are connected to a central board by cables. Hotel systems are standalone and battery operated but with its intelligent algorith without direct connection they can be controled by computer software. Electronic Hotel Locking Systems provide Do Not Disturb, Anti-Panic, Anti-Friction and Anti-Pick(card) latches.



 02  What is the life of the batteries?

Alplock systems use 4pcs of Alkaline AA/AAA Batteries. Our battey life is around 24 months in normal usage. However some cheap systems have only 5-9 months battery life. Our systems are perfectly optimized under battery life constraints and card detection performance.



 03  Which method you use to detect the cards?

Before 2010 we were using Infra Red beams to detect the cards. However under strong light (mostly sun shine) IR is affected badly. Now we use Microwave Technology to detect the card under all conditions.



 04  Which technology you use?

We use original Philips NXP Mifare 13.56 Mhz RFID Chips and algoritms. The main MCU is Texas Instruments. We have our own coding algorith to programme the cards and chips on the PCB.



 05  How does computer software work?

Our Software use MS SQL Network based Database. We developed the system by using C# language. Our system can run under all versions of Windows. We update the software for the last version of Windows and publish it FOC. We offer server-client architecture and  unlimited client account. Software is multi-lingual and user friendly.



 06  How can I open the Lock if the system is down?

​All of your locks have master coded mechanical override for openning in emergency case. One Key can open all of the locks (coding depends on the customers). Locks memorized when they opened by metal key.


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