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KH05 Hotel Type

Electronic Pin Code Safe Box


KH05 is selonoid - handle driven safebox. 

Economic and stable safebox for low budget.

Membrane keypad and leds allows pin code usage.

Guest can set password from the Red Button inside the safebox. System: PIN to LOCK and PIN to OPEN...

Economic Price, Stable Usage

​Standard Features
  • Solenoid / Handle Driven
  • Membrane Keypad
  • Which Code Locks that code opens (Hotel Mode)
  • Led Indicators
  • Floor Carpet
  • Installation holes and screws
  • Battery Operated (4xAA)
  • Hidden Hinges
  • First Quality Electrostatic Owen Plating
  • Mechanical Ovveride
Optional Features
  • Electricty Connection Inside the Safebox for laptop or mobile charging.
  • Spring added door for automatic door openning
  • Powered by electricity. Battery backup incase of electricty breaks.
  • Different RAL colors.
  • Different Sizes and Thickness
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