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The Most Sensible Choice

RFID Electronic Hotel Lock
Electronic Locking Systems

13.56Mhz Mifare RFID Technologly. EURO/ANSI Norms. Extra Strong Mechanism. PMS Interface. SQL Based. Server - Client Architecture...

Safe Boxes
In-Room Safe Boxes

Hotel/Home/Office type steel safeboxes. We accept any size and color orders. Hotel system has last 100 openning records. Hand Device override...

Energy Saving Devices
Energy Saving Devices

Intelligent Energy Savers that are only activated by Mifare Cards. SM Serie support Tri-Phase and upto 62 Ampere. 100-240V AC Input.

Ironing Boards

Portable , foldable Ironing Boards for Hotels, Marine, Dormitories and Residances. Steel Body, Marin Quality Board and noninflammable cover...

Cabinet Locks

Mifare RFID, Pin Code, Standalone and Software Controlled Cabinet Locks. 3xAAA Batteries Operated.

Door Handles and Locks
Handle & Locks

We offer Mechnical Door Handles for the other door of the building except e- doors. Room-Cylinder-WC Type Mortises and Door Handles.. Possible to use Same handle in all doors

Key Card Management Software

Alplock KeyCard Management Software is network based  on SQL. It has Interface with PMS systems as Micros...

Intelligent Room Management
Hotel Doorbell - Room Numbers

It provides an elegant design to the room enterance. Customer can give DND, MUR info to the panel.

Door Accessories, Hardwares and Ironmongary

Alpaks offers many types of door accessories, door and wall hooks, Napkin Holders,Indoor and Outdoor bins, Shelfs and Signs. etc...

Introduction Videos

Check the real videos of the products...


All your questions answered by our experts.

Support Videos.
You can see how to use the products.
Technical Drawings

You can find the technical drawing of the products. .PDF/.DWG/.DXF

The Most Sensible Choice
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